Vegetable & Shrimp Sauce

This Vegetable and Shrimp Sauce is ideal for Boiled White Yam, Rice, Potatoes, Plantain and other boilable staple nourishment.

Also, simple to get ready.


10 shrimps

1 medium bowl ugu leaves

2 cooking spoons vegetable oil

2 sweet peppers (paprika)

2 habanero peppers or to taste

1 onion

1 teaspoon black pepper (optional)

2 small stock cubes

Salt (to taste)


You will also need the staple food that you will serve with the Vegetable and Shrinp Sauce. I will be using yam (white puna yam).

  1. Yam or
  2. Rice or
  3. Potatoes or
  4. Plantains

Before you cook the Vegetable Sauce:

I am expecting that you have altogether washed every one of the fixings that should be washed.

Peel the shrimps on the off chance that they are not officially peeled.

Dice the onions, the sweet peppers (deseeded) and the habanero peppers.

Cut the ugu clears out.

Begin setting up the staple that you will serve it with. I am utilizing yam so I cut and peel the yam, flush, put in a pot and add water to cover it.

Cooking Directions:

  • Begin cooking the yam.
  • On another burner, set the skillet or pot and pour the vegetable oil.
  • Whenever hot, include a portion of the diced onions.
  • Include the shrinps and sautee for 7 minutes, blending it constantly.
  • At the point when marginally dark colored, remobe the shrimps from the skillet and put aside.
  • Include the rest of the onions into the oil in the skillet and broil for around 3 minutes or till marginally darker.
  • Include the diced peppers and sear for 5 minutes.
  • Squash and include the stock shapes, salt and the dark pepper.
  • Blend and include the cut ugu and mix exceptionally well.
  • Include the browned shrimps, stor and it is finished!

Present with the bubbled white yam. Yum!

Source: allnigerianrecipes

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