Tear the Pounds Off With Kettlebell Swings!

Weight-loss doesn’t have to be a struggle for you anymore. As a true professional I can tell you that the way to really achieve success in your weight-loss and fat-loss campaign is putting forth the effort in 2 areas. The first area is all about making smart choices about what goes into your body. I’ll save nutrition for another article, but as for the second area you need to have a smart fitness and exercise program for getting in shape!

There is a single exercise for you to implement in order to get huge results in your effort to lose weight. I would like to introduce to you the kettlebell! Kettlebell training is a hell of a way for you to significantly boost your metabolism and tear those unwanted pounds right off of your body. The base lift of the kettlebell known as the kettlebell swing is a single exercise that you can implement with the iron ball in order to get in shape fast.

Although there are several lifts and variations to implement with the kettlebell you can achieve a tremendous amount of weight-loss from executing the base movement of the swing. When executing the double-arm kettlebell swing you train hundreds of muscles in your body and develop superior cardiovascular conditioning that is second to nothing! You drastically speed up your metabolism when training with this iron cannonball because of the high level of physical exertion that you experience through the dynamic movement of the lift. It is the perfect combination of both strength and cardiovascular conditioning in one single hard-hitting lift!

If you are battling with weight-loss and are truly frustrated with the lack of results then you must take the time to purchase your own bell and master the double-arm kettlebell swing. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl the iron cannonball is not sexist! It will beat the pounds right off of your body irregardless of who you are! Train hard and give it a try my friends.

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Are you sick and tired of listening to everything people say about losing weight and still you don’t feel like you’re getting back in shape? All those diet pills, expensive exercise machines and extremely difficult diets seem to make you kill yourself for months and suddenly you realize you only lost 1-2 pounds. Do you want to lose the weight that you really should with only a few simple steps? Here’s how lose 5 pounds every week, without getting fed up or feeling sorry for yourself.

Avoid the white carbohydrates – White bread, pasta and white rice all give you excessive carbohydrates and let your body retain so much water, thus causing you to bloat, especially on your abdominal area. These white grain products are easily digested so it leaves you hungry in no time. You get hungry so fast and you end up overeating. You don’t have to totally give up these types of food though but you have to make smarter choices. Substitute white grain goods with brown rice, and rye bread. And instead of stuffing your mouth with a chicken sandwich, have chicken salad instead. Vegetables are digested at a slower pace so you’ll feel full longer. And give up those nasty indulgences like fast food and chips. Take them only once a week so you won’t have a back slide either.

Do a cardiovascular work out 30 minutes a day – We know exercise can be tiring. But no one ever told you to compete with your personal trainer. Even 30 minutes a day of cardio-kickboxing, dancing, or taebo will help get your heart rate up and cause your body to burn calories. Pick the exercises that engage multiple muscles at the same time for better results. And it’s always better to exercise in the morning because if you do, your body continuously burns calories all throughout the day.

Sleep enough, or add at least 30 minutes to an hour a night – The problem with not getting enough sleep is than when you wake up, you immediately look for a quick fix to restore energy. The lattes, chocolate bars and what not add unnecessary calories to your body. Plus, your hunger hormones called leptin also increases, causing you to be hungrier than ever. So add at least 30 minutes to your sleep daily. It will do you wonders. If you’re preparing for a work out and you want to get all energetic, take black coffee. It will get you going and will allow you to burn more calories.

Take water instead of anything else – Do not be stubborn on this. If you think carbonated sodas quench your thirst well, then so should water. Energy drinks, packed juices and the like all give you at least a hundred calories which don’t fill you up the way a hundred calories of food does. So it makes you thirstier and ironically, it lets you retain more water in your body. So take pure water if you can’t prepare fresh-squeezed juice. It’s calorie free and it helps you expel all your body waste. People always say if you are to start on a diet, start with your drinks. If water starts to get boring put lemon wedges or mint leaves and pour a bit of honey in it. Don’t give yourself any more reason to crash.

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