Oil-free Nigerian Tomato Stew


Approximately 20-25 tomatoes

1 container of cherry tomatoes

1 sweet onion

2 red bell peppers

1 tbsp African or Caribbean Thyme

1 tbsp crushed red pepper

1 vegetable stock (optional)

Vegetable broth (optional)

Before starting:

  • Cleave every one of the tomatoes down the middle, slash up the onion into extensive pieces and expel the seeds from the red ringer peppers. This does not need to be immaculate as we will toss everything in the blender.
  • In your blender (ideally rapid) toss in your slashed tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, hacked onion, chime pepper, thyme, and pounded pepper.
  • Mix till every one of the fixings have a pleasant a smooth consistency. This is all going to get came down together so on the off chance that you have to, you can add water to your blender to make them move yet by doing this it will build your hold up time on the bubbling procedure.


  1. When every one of the fixings are mixed decent and smooth together toss it into a huge pot set at a medium temperature and forget about it on the stove for around 2 hours or until the point that all the water is bubbled out of the sauce totally.
  2. Now on the off chance that you have to move it into a littler pot for less demanding dealing with you can.
  3. On the off chance that you picked in for the vegetable stock include that in now separating it and disseminating it into the stew equally.
  4. Turn the warmth down to a low temperature include your coveted measure of vegetable juices till you get the consistency you want. I lean toward mine thicker so when I solidify it I can later thin it out or abandon it thick relying upon the dishes I serve it with.
  5. Enable this to stew on the stove till the stock it very much blended in, around 10 min.

Serving options:

Serve the Tomato Stew with your most loved sort of rice and some heated plantain, beat yam or eba with some spinach or utilize it as a spaghetti sauce with some different veggies added to it like mushrooms and spinach. One of my undisputed top choice approaches to serve it is to utilize it to finish off a sweet pepper plate of mixed greens with some sauteed onion and tofu.

This basic stew can be utilized as a part of such huge numbers of various approaches to make a few unique dishes that you will never become weary of. Influencing a huge pot to like this takes into account some to be solidified for later utilization when in a period crunch.


Source: allnigerianrecipes

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