Learn How I Lost 45 Pounds by Juicing

If you are on the dieting treadmill, looking for yet another method, considering pills, potions, powders or the prepackaged, expensive prepared foods, you might want to consider juicing. It’s so much easier and much more pleasant tasting than many other methods.

Four years ago, I began juicing and purchased the Jack LaLane Juicer. I was so impressed by the information that I had seen about this particular juicer and, of course, many of us remember Jack LaLane as the fitness expert on TV back in the fifties and sixties. (The fact that he is still around at the time of this writing is amazing.) I was looking for a pleasant method to help with health and nutrition to achieve weight loss. Juicing is very healthful as the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables reach the bloodstream quickly. Also, juicing is like a raw diet–very nutritious.

I prefer vegetable juices over fruit juices, because of the natural sugar content in fruits.I have probably juiced every vegetable–my favorites are beets, carrots, zucchini, belgian endive, tomatoes and cabbage. There are so many wonderful combination’s you can make.

The way I lost weight was by having an 8 ounce glass of vegetable juice before each meal. Many times I have also used juice as a meal. Having a vegetable cocktail before dinner is like having a before dinner cocktail, but without the alcohol. The difference here is that the drink will take the edge off of your appetite. You will not eat as much, because you will never come to the table overly hungry.

There are many books available on juicing. You should check them out to see the many different juice combinations. Also, there are many brands of juicers. My favorite is the Jack LaLane Juicer. I own another brand, one that cost much more than the Jack LaLane Juicer. You may have a juicer tucked away in a cupboard or closet–if you have a juicer it does need to be out on the counter, available at all times. So often, if we put appliances away, we never bother to get them out to use them.

If you are struggling to lose weight and you want to try a pleasant, healthful approach to weight loss, you might give juicing a try. It’s much easier on your body than most other methods. It’s also something that all members of the family can share and enjoy. How many “diet” plans can say that?

So, give juicing a try for weight loss and remember, that weight does not come off overnight. It took 6 months for me to lose 45 pounds, but it was a very pleasant journey and well worth it.

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So you have just finished building your new website. You have made all the plans about where you are going to advertise online and how many visitors you are going to get based on the latest statistics. It’s going to be great, right?

A week later nothing has happened. It’s the search engines. Blame it on your key words. There is just too much competition. Your life’s work is going completely unnoticed and it is killing you. Well, before you go out and purchase a $ 2,000 course from one of the many web gurus that fill your inbox try some old fashion leg work.

Electronic advertising works but they have not invented anything to replace a firm handshake and a polished sales pitch. Of course you didn’t plan to have business cards printed or hand out flyers but it is a necessity in today’s market place. A lot of times business owners get caught up in the internet marketer’s dream of automated sales and the whole, “make money while you sleep” sales pitch.

Sure, that is great but it is not entirely realistic. If you take a look at the major web players, internet marketing is just a portion of their whole advertising plan. Pick a company, any company that is entirely web based and it is guaranted they have printed material and pitch men. It is just one of those things that are a part of business. Especially for a start up or growing business.

That being said, there are a few materials that any “real business” must have. Despite what you might think, affiliate marketing is a “real business” that requires business cards, with a web address, for networking and flyers for building your initial customer base. These items cost extra money but they consistantly yield a better return dollar for dollar than pay per click ads.

When you hand someone a flyer they can put a face with that cold, unfeeling, disconnected website. It is the difference between making a sale on your first few days online and feeling empowered to earn and waiting around for the search engines to list you on the first page, backlinks to register and people to click on your adwords.

The majority of web businesses fail because their entire marketing plan is online. Which is passive advertising. Don’t let your business fail. Take a pro-active approach. Get out and meet the customers wherever they are. Remember, although the web is a productivity multiplier, the rules of business have not changed.

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