How to Lose Those Pounds Quickly

If you have a special event coming up and need to drop a few pounds, there are ways you can figure out how to lose pounds quickly.

Any time you change your diet and exercise regime you should make sure that you have been cleared by your physician. This means going to your doctor and complaining to them what you plan on doing, and making sure that you do not have underlying health conditions.

Then, start drinking a lot of water and have an exercise plan. Your exercise is just as important as your diet. In fact, you can’t lose weight easily without an exercise plan.

If you’re in a hurry, plan on exercising an hour to an hour a half every day. This should not only be lifting weights, but should also include a variety of calisthenics, as well as aerobic exercises. It means working hard, pushing yourself harder than you have ever pushed before, but combined with a diet change you will lose weight this way.

The big thing to remember when you want to lose weight fast is to not drop your caloric intake too low. If you suddenly begin working out hard, and drop your calorie count too low, your body is likely to go into what’s called a starvation mode. This is where your metabolism can shut down, and stop using fat as an energy source.

This is why some people who drop their calories too low and are still working out hard, can’t seem to lose any weight.

So three rules in order to be lose pounds fast, check with your doctor and make sure you don’t have underlying medical conditions, eat healthy but don’t allow your caloric intake to drop too low, then work out steadily for an hour to an hour and a half a day including all styles of exercise.

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If you want to lose weight you need to have the right tools. It will at least make your journey a lot easier. This article is to those of you who are struggling on an everyday basis to lose weight.

In a moment I’ll share a few tips with you. If you write these tips down and hang them at your refrigerator or somewhere else where you’ll see them every day, I guarantee you’ll lose weight.

The first tip is to eat smaller meals. The less you eat, the less you gain. A thing I did when I was on my journey to lose 20 pounds, was to use the smaller plates. This is really helpful, as you need to take more portions in order to eat the same as before with the bigger plates.

The second tip, is to drink lots of water. Try to drink at least six large glasses every day. And preferably a big glass of water before each meal. This will not only cleanse your body, but also make you feel full a lot sooner.

The third tip is to move around more. This is quite obvious when trying to gain a fat loss but also time consuming. What you can do, is to park the car a few blocks away and walk the rest of the way, take the stairs instead of the elevator, use the bike or the rollerblades once in a while and so on…

Last but not least. The fourth tip. Eat more healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables. These fill in the stomach and consist mostly of vitamins and water. I try to eat at least six a day and sometimes more. Grapes, nuts and chopped fruits are great for snacks.

If you follow these tips it almost surefire you’ll lose 20 pounds soon. And then your friends and family will come to you for advice on how to lose weight.

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