How Stress Can Increase the Unwanted Pounds

Life is filled with a lot of stress, but how often do you take time out for yourself and family for relaxation?

Did you know that stress can increase the unwanted pounds to your body?

Did you know that stress can have negative impact on your body- physically and mentally?

One of the most devastating effect of stress is weight gain and lowered immunity. If you cannot avoid stress in your daily life, it is important to learn and take some steps to ensure that it does not have adverse effect on your health.

The body responds to stress by releasing the flight hormones called adrenaline and cortisol from the adrenal glands. What happens is that when you are stressed, the hormones create a safe guard mechanism by releasing a spurt of sugar into the blood circulation to create a short term energy to the vital organs of the body, including muscles.

This process reactivates hunger for fats and carbohydrates. That is why when you are stressed (after a stressful meeting or presentation and undertaking difficult task) ,you feel very hungry and crave for food. Some people become compulsive, irritable,rush for a cigarette or become emotional.

It is proved that people who lead a stressful and hurried life have elevated levels of adrenaline and cortisol. To counteract this,your body tries to change carbohydrates into fats thereby depositing them to the storage pockets of fats in your body especially the lower abdominal wall. That is why many people have big bellies.

If you have lots of worries in your life, your body will have increased insulin secretions – that stores and keep fats into tissues leading to obesity. However, this can be prevented by learning methods of identifying causes of stress levels then develop a more positive way of managing your life rather than craving for those cookies and sweet drinks.

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Looking for the best diet to follow for losing pounds fast? Most people can lose between 10 and 20 pounds within a month, simply by changing what and how they eat. You don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight fast. Follow the healthy diet tips below and you’ll be able to stay full, avoid hunger, control your appetite, limit food cravings, and boost your metabolism all at the same time…

7 of the Best Diet Tips for Losing Pounds Fast

1. Avoid simple sugars. By simply cutting simple sugars out of your diet, you can quickly and easily cut the kind of empty calories that make you fat and keep your from losing weight. Sodas, candy, packaged junk foods, and even fruit juices are all sources of simple sugar.

2. Avoid refined carbohydrates. Avoid refined carbs, especially “white” flours. Like simple sugars, these can spike blood sugar and insulin levels, shutting down the body’s fat-burning processes and often leaving you with more belly fat!

3. Avoid “bad” fats. Fat itself is not your enemy. In fact you can eat a significant amount of fat and still lose weight quickly. But “bad” fats — like those found in fried foods and hydrogenated oils — will make you fat and unhealthy. Avoid fried foods and always choose “trans fat free” products.

4. Eat “clean burning” foods. The best foods to eat for fast and easy weight loss are “clean burning” proteins, carbs, and fats. Some examples are: lean meats, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans, and legumes (e.g. lentils). Make these the basis of your diet and you’ll lose pounds much faster.

5. Eat 5-7 times a day. Instead of 2 or 3 big meals, try to eat 5-7 small meals and snacks per day, spaced out at 2-3 hour intervals. This will help to keep you from getting hungry and experiencing food cravings. Plus it’ll help to stimulate your metabolism so you burn fat more quickly.

6. Cycle your starches. Starchy carbs — like breads, potatoes, rice, etc. — should be cycled in and out of your diet in a way that boosts the metabolism and keeps you from gaining weight. Many diets are based on this proven idea, such as the “calorie shifting” and “calorie rotating” diets.

7. Drink lots of water. Try to drink at least 60-70 ounces of water and sugar-free tea each and every day. This will help to reduce hunger while boosting your metabolism and optimizing your energy levels.

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