How I Lost 75 Pounds in 5 Months!

I thought it might be fun that I shared a part of my life with you guys. I’m 27 years old now and I have been in good shape for almost 2 years now. But that wasn’t always the case! In fact, 2 years ago I was really overweight.

I was 75 pounds too heavy. Yes I know that eating fast food and not exercising enough was not a good idea. On top of that I had a knee injury that wouldn’t go away. I was starting to feel chest pain at times and that worried me a lot as you can imagine.

One day, while I was playing hockey my knee seized and I couldn’t move it at all, so I went to the hospital and the doctor said he had to operate on me right now. The doctor also added that I was too fat and that I needed to lose weight really fast in order to help my knee to cure and my health to get better. Still today, I sincerely think that this event saved my life. I finally decided to lose the extra pounds I had collected over the years. Guess what, it worked! I lost 75 pounds in 5 months and kept it all off since. How did I do? That is the question and in fact the answer is quit simple.

I started to play hockey 4 times a week and stopped eating cookies at night. I quit drinking soft drinks and replaced them with drinking water. This last tips is the key to losing weight. If you’re a soft drink fan like I was and want to lose weight this is the first thing you must stop because you can easily drink 1000 calories in a day. This is more calories than a normal meal. I started to drink water because water hydrates and cleans your body at the same time and adds no calories. Also try to replace the french fries in your plate by eating vegetables. That part was really hard for me but I actually started to feel better everyday so it was a powerful source of motivation. Remember that you don’t have to do all of this tomorrow morning, but start gradually and it will become easier everyday and the fat will come off. The more fat you burn the more motivated you will be so take it easy but start now. I also want to tell you that it’s really important that you don’t feel like on a diet because it’s not one. Let yourself enjoy a fast food meal once a week and be careful the rest of the week. Don’t forget to exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

More information on how I did it and special tips available on my blog at

Have you ever wonder how many calories to burn a pound of fat? It is estimated that you need 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat. For example, you want to lose 7 kg of weight which is equivalent to 15 pounds, you need burn 52,500 calories.

Many people think that cutting on the calories intake is the fastest way to lose weight. Although I do agree to a certain point that cutting down the intake of calories can help to lose weight, but it has to be done healthily. Some people may do whatever it takes to slim down their body and they choose to starve themselves to achieve their goal. They begin to skip meals to cut on the calories, but the hunger stage to go through is a nightmare. In the end, they give up halfway through the process because they cannot stand any longer. Even if they hold on to weeks or months living only on water and slice of fruit every day, they are likely to regain back their pounds once they start to eat normally. For worse, some binge on food after their starvation period, putting more pounds after that.

Even if you lose weight through the starvation period, it is likely to be the water weight lost and that is not the ideal weight loss goal that we are looking at. We not only want weight but also fat loss to be a permanent result. The truth is serious weight loss can never be achieved by extreme diet plan like this.

To begin burning off your calories, you need a good diet plan that can help you to strip off not only your weight but also fat. Best of all, it should be easy, proven and healthy.

Always keep in mind, you do not need to spend a lot of money to lose weight or even suffer yourself to go through the slimming progress. Most importantly, you should not procrastinate and wait any longer.

Here is a proven and Workable Diet Plan to start off with burning away your calories.

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