Exercises to Lose the Unwanted Pounds

Common fitness mistakes that promise to shred off unwanted fats and lose excess weight involve planning, and execution of the exercises that are designed for a certain person. Some people end up gaining more weight because of minimal mistakes that often go unnoticed or ignored.

There are several easy exercises for losing weight that can avoid fitness mistakes that can lead to frustration and loss of interest in keeping a fit and healthy body. Though calorie intake is often include in the means of losing weight, a set of exercises for an hour or a bit more such as crunches or push-ups daily will really help lose weight.

Some people do not realize that their daily routine actually serve as a daily exercise that they unconsciously lose weight and burn calories effectively. There are a lot af ways and simple exercises for losing weight that will not give too much pressure or demand of time.

Easy exercises that one may incorporate in daily living include taking 10-minute walks after every meal. This way, if you take three meals a day and go for a walk on your street or a nearby park after each meal, you acquire 30 minutes a day without realizing it. Taking the walk with a friend, partner or pet makes the activity a lot more fun and effortless.

For businessmen or professionals who own cars, trucks or any other vehicle, taking the time to wash your wheeled companions on your own does not only serves as one of the easy exercises for losing weight, but also lessens your expenses for a car wash in shops or gasoline stations that overcharge and take too much time.

Going to the mall and shopping is also a form of easy exercise and leisure. It is also a form of relaxation away from the busy streets and heavy traffic outside on the streets. Especially when a mall is on a big sale, shoppers tend to forget the time and don’t easily get tired when boutiques offer drop-down and affordable prices.

In the long run, when you engage yourself to daily activities that make you do a lot of movements, you won’t realize that you actually doing exercises for losing weight and eventually acquire a body that you can say is healthy and fit for you. Most of the time, the effortless activities that you do are actually the exercises that allow you to do multiple tasks. In return, they provide multiple positive results. Learn to know yourself and avoid listening to claims that turn out to be fitness myths.

Reading will give you enough information and is by the way, one of the simple exercises for losing weight that you unconsciously perform when you are really focused to understanding what you are reading.

When you realize that you lost some pounds, the eagerness to keep and maintain the better shape that you are into motivates you to improve your routine and engage into other activities that will make you happier and healthier as an individual.

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There are many different types of inflatable kayaks on the market that are suited for all different types of water. Some will hold more weight than others and performances will vary. Below is a list of all of the inflatable kayaks that will hold over 500 pounds and still get you to your destination easily, safely and comfortably. All of these kayaks are 2 person kayaks as they tend to be able to hold more weight.

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible – Weight Capacity 550 lbs

The Advanced Frame Convertible is a very affordable two person flatwater inflatable kayak that can be converted into a solo kayak. It weighs 56 lbs and can easily be stored in the trunk of a car and taken anywhere – though it may be just slightly heavy for going on an airplane. Gear can easily be stored in the second seat spot (if being paddled solo) and also there are gear tie-downs on the front of the kayak.

Sea Eagle 340X – Weight Capacity 600 lbs

This is one of Sea Eagle’s explorer kayaks and it is perfect for expeditions, camping, exploring and wilderness kayaking. It is very stable and has lots of room for extra gear. This thing can be loaded right up and keep on trekking. It is rugged and very sturdy, though not super fast. It weighs 42 lbs and can be paddled by two people or converted into a solo kayak.

Sea Eagle 370 – Weight Capacity 650 lbs

The Sea Eagle 370 may be able to hold a lot of weight but unless you are paddling it solo (it is a tandem kayak), you will not have much room to store gear. However this inflatable kayak is the least expensive in this list and would suit beginner kayakers best. It is super light weight at 32 lbs and can be taken anywhere.

Sea Eagle PaddleSki – Weight Capacity 650 lbs

The PaddleSki is a really cool inflatable kayak. It is very versatile and can be used for paddling, rowing, sailing, motoring or fishing. It holds a ton of weight and weighs only 49 – 57 lbs (depending on the size you get).

Sea Eagle 380X – Weight Capacity 750 lbs

This one is my favorite as the 380X is the ultimate in an exploration kayak. Holding 750 pounds it is super sturdy, highly stable, ultra rugged and perfect for all different types of adventures. It can handle whitewater rapids as well as calm lakes. It is not a fast boat as it is fairly wide, but it can hold one heck of a lot of gear. It weighs 47 lbs and can be paddled tandem or solo.

Aire Sea Tiger – Weight Capacity 750 lbs

The Sea Tiger is a touring sea inflatable kayak that comes with a phenomenal ten year warranty. It is stable, comfortable, rugged and has excellent tracking with or without its foot rudder. It is a little on the heavier side weighing 61 lbs but works great for fishing, scuba-diving and even snorkeling.

Sea Eagle 420X – Weight Capacity 853 lbs

The 420X is the last in the series of Sea Eagle’s explorer kayaks. It is the biggest and can hold over 850 pounds. Wow. You won’t find any other inflatable kayak that will hold this much weight. It weighs 54 lbs and can easily be paddled by two people as well as have room for a child or a dog or two. It can handle heavy whitewater rapids and also flatwater. Tons of room for gear! Not a fast kayak but a very stable and rugged boat.

Here are two others that just make the cut with a weight capacity of exactly 500 pounds:

Advanced Elements StraitEdge 2 – Weight Capacity 500 lbs

The StraitEdge 2 is a self-bailing whitewater inflatable kayak. It has an aluminum bow and stern frame that helps with tracking on open water, is very stable and works well for one or two people. Not a lot of room for gear storage but not too bad. It weight 47 lbs.

Sea Eagle 330 – Weight Capacity 500 lbs

Though this inflatable kayak can hold 500 lbs there is truly no where to store gear unless it is paddled solo. Good beginner kayak that comes with a three year warranty. It is extremely light weight at only 26 lbs.

If you are looking for an inflatable kayak that can hold over 500 pounds, hopefully this list will help. The most versatile and sturdy of all of these kayaks is the Sea Eagle explorer kayaks. They are not high performers but they are unbelievably solid kayaks that can hold a ton of weight.

To see pictures and to get much more information about these inflatable kayaks that can hold over 500 pounds visit InflatableKayakWorld.com where you’ll find this and much more, including comprehensive inflatable kayak reviews.

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