How to Cook Pepper Stew (Obe Ata Din Din)

Pepper Stew, the stew that the Yorubas call Obe Ata Din is a Nigerian stew arranged with just peppers. It is red like Tomato Stew however soooo HOT! So mind the pepper when eating with this stew.

Serve it with:

  • Boiled White Rice
  • Boiled Plantains (ripe an unripe)
  • Fried Plantains
  • Boiled Beans
  • Boiled Yam
  • Fried Yam
  • White Agidi



10 tatashe peppers

3 cooking spoons sunflower oil (vegetable oil)

1 tablespoon red palm oil

2 medium onions

Habanero Pepper (to taste)

500g shaki (cow tripe)

3 pieces dry fish (mangala)

1 disc ogiri okpei (iru, dawa dawa, locust beans)

1 handful crayfish

1 tablespoon Nigerian curry powder

Salt (to taste)


Tatashe is a hot and decreased Nigerian pepper. You can utilize red Tribelli peppers as option. The distinction is that tribelli peppers are not hot. I chose to utilize just shaki and dry fish for this stew. You can include meat on the off chance that you wish.

By decision, I utilized just ogiri okpei (iru, dawa, beetle beans). Ogiri Okpei is a customary flavoring. You can include flavoring shapes on the off chance that you wish. The curry powder recorded above is the Nigerian curry powder not the Indian curry powder.

You can utilize just palm oil (faded) to set up this stew however it isn’t prudent to fade palm oil so I regularly utilize a mix of vegetable oil and palm oil to get the blanched impact.

Before cooking:

  • Douse and debone the dry fish.
  • Spotless and cut the shaki into medium pieces.
  • Pound the ogiri okpei and crawfish with a dry factory.
  • Dice one onion and cut the other.
  • Wash, expel the seeds from the tatashe. It is prudent to deseed he tatashe peppers on the grounds that the seeds tend to influence your stews to biting. Additionally, there is an inclination that your blender can’t crush the seeds and this is unattractive when you serve your stews.
  • I additionally deseed the habanero peppers. I am an Igbo lady and for the most part the zestiness in the tissue of these habanero peppers is sufficient to give me the coveted nibble. In any case, on the off chance that you wish to set your mouth ablaze, similar to you are eating Vindaloo please include as much habanero peppers as you wish. lol
  • Mix every one of the peppers till smooth. I normally slice them up a bit to help my blender.

Cooking Directions:

  1. Heat up the shaki with the diced onion till done.
  2. Pour the belnded peppers in a pot and bubble till all the water dissipates.
  3. Empty the vegetable oil into a perfect become pot and warmth it scarce.
  4. Once exceptionally hot, pour the palm oil to give the faded impact.
  5. Include the cut onion and mix for about a large portion of a moment.
  6. Include the bubbled pepper and broil (blending every now and then) till there is no hint of water in the stew. You will likewise see that the stew is streaked (see video underneath).
  7. Include the crawfish and ogiri okpei mix, dry fish, shaki, curry powder and salt to taste.
  8. Mix extremely well and it is finished!

Serve with Boiled White Rice, Fried Plantain, Boiled Plantain, Fried Yam, Boiled yam and Agidi.

Source: allnigerianrecipes


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