Coconut Rice

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Cocoanut rice is very delicious, especially when you use really matured-sweet coconut, if you are looking to prepare this delicious meal but don’t know how to do it, here is all you need to know about preparing cocoanut rice.

What you see is simple cocoanut rice, super delicious. The only difference between the usual jollof rice and this is the use of cocoanut milk; it changes the taste and impairs the color slightly.

Cocoanut rice

First you should spend some time looking for the really matured cocoanut, one big cocoanut would be enough for 4 cups of rice which would probably serve a family of five or six.
When you eventually find the matured-dried cocoanut, the shell is usually dried. Break it, take a bite, if it is not sweet, start looking again. It is important to buy the really matured and sweet cocoanut, it make a whole lot of difference. It should really be somewhat sugary, if you are there, shout – yaw!!! And commence with the rest of the cooking.

The Ingredients for cocoanut rice Include (Serving – 6 Persons)
Coconut (one big ball)
3 cups of rice
Fresh ground or sliced tomatoes (500ml)
Chicken/beef (2KG)
Onions (2 bulbs)
Maggi cubes (2 to 3)
1 sachet Kitchen glory (beef seasoning)
Groundnut/vegetable oil (15CL)
Salt and pepper to taste


You start by breaking and de-shelling the cocoanut (we don’t need the water inside), grate (sort of grind) the coconut with a grater, the idea is to squeeze out the milk from the main coconut. Normally you grate the coconut with a grater and then add a cup of water or two and then squeeze out the white water (cocoa nut milk) which is needed for the preparation of coconut rice. Filter the squeezed out white water and set aside in a bowl


Parboil about three to four cups of rice, ground the tomatoes/peppers (you need about 500ml), your blender should be calibrated, or you can slice the tomatoes if you like. Also parboil the chicken with all the necessary ingredients (Onions, Maggi, Salt, and Kitchen glory – beef seasoning), add water about five minutes later and allow cooking till it is soft for consumption.

Pick the chicken with a fork and deep fry while reserving the extract (water from the meat) for further cooking. Once you have gotten the water from the coconut and also fried the chicken, we head straight to the second step.

Set your cooking pot on the burner, add about 15cl of vegetable/groundnut oil, allow heating for at least 90 seconds before adding the ground or sliced tomatoes. Now fry and stir the tomatoes for the next five to ten minutes till it is dried.

Add the meat extract (water from the meat) once you are done with frying the tomatoes, also add the white coconut water, a cube of maggi, add more salt to taste. Allow to boil before adding the rice, cook for the next twenty to forty minutes until it is very soft for consumption.

You can add a little more water along the line. Once it is soft enough to your desire, go ahead and serve with the fried meat, you just made a delicious pot of coconut rice

Serve with the cooked, fried or grilled chicken. Aside chicken you can also use goat meat beef or assorted meat to make a delicious cocoanut rice meal.


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